A Good Man is Gone: Community Support

"We're going to enjoy the wilderness, the North West, and grow old together."


Citizens of American Citizens Defense, it's time again to join together to support a family in need. Please take a moment to read this short message and watch the video below.

Community members across the Pacific Northwest are in sorrow this week after Captain Larry Roxby and 4 of his dogs passed away from a highway incident during a drive across Washington State.

Larry and his wife, Jeanne, were active participants in the community, offering Sled Dog Tours during the winter months to families from all over. Together, they managed a team of over approximately 20 sled dogs. 

Things will be difficult for Jeanne for some time. We need your support .






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  • We have fond memories of Larry that we’ll treasure always
    Thank you Jeanne and take care.

    Jonathon Lee Brand

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