CALL TO ACTION: WA State Assault Weapon Ban Proposed - Call Your Representative Now

Devastating Gun Control Bills Proposed in WA State Legislature


The Washington State Legislature is proposing three devastating Gun Control bills. Now is not the time to be passive. Expressing your opposition to your representative is critical. 

It’s time to act.

  • Senate Bill 5217: 'Assault Weapon' ban that prohibits the sale, transfer, delivery, or manufacture of most semi-automatic rifles
  • Senate Bill 5568: Repeals State Preemption, granting local cities, towns and counties the ability to impose ordinances that restrict or prohibit firearms
  • Senate Bill 5078: Bans magazines with a capacity over 12 rounds

We need to collectively notify our representatives via phone, email and online comments that we OPPOSE this legislation. We've outlined easy and specific steps on how to find your representative and tell them you oppose this bill.

How to Oppose This Bill

  1. Submit a Comment
  2. Call your State Representative
  1. Submit a comment of opposition to the State Legislature website: 
    1. Click the link for each bill below and complete the form
    2. Select 'Verify District' and check the boxes next to your representative’s name. Write their names down.
    3. Choose 'OPPOSE'
  2. Leave a comment:

    Senate Bill 5217

    I strongly OPPOSE Senate Bill 5217. This bill contains sweeping measures that prohibit lawful gun owners from practicing their constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. The Supreme Court has reaffirmed the right of an individual to keep arms for the purpose of self-defense in D.C. v. Heller (2008). This legislation seeks to circumvent both the Constitution and the Supreme Court. Do NOT let this bill pass as legislation.

    Senate Bill 5568:

    I strongly OPPOSE Senate Bill 5568. This bill will destroy the protections of Washington residents by enabling local ordinances to impose restrictions on law-abiding citizens. Do NOT let this bill pass as legislation.

    Senate Bill 5078

    I strongly OPPOSE Senate Bill 5078. This radical anti-gun legislation attempts to circumvent the constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. There is no real-world data that proves a reduction in magazine capacity will reduce the number of gun related homicides. Do NOT let this bill pass as legislation.

    1. Call Your Representative
      1. Visit the WA State District Finder, enter your address and select Find My District. 
      2. Take note of the name of your senator, then click on their name
      3. Type your Senator's name into the search field
      4. Call the phone number listed on their profile
        1. Leave a voicemail with your name and contact information.
        2. Tell your Senator that you are a constituent of theirs and that you strongly oppose these bills
        3. Keep your comments clear, concise, professional, and firm.

          EX: My name is _____. I am a resident of [City, State]. As a constituent of yours, I strongly oppose Senate Bill 5-2-1-7, Senate Bill 5-5-6-8, and Senate Bill 5-0-7-8. All three of these bills aim to enact sweeping gun control measures that infringe upon our constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. Do NOT let this bill pass as legislation.

    At American Citizens Defense, we recognize the unending effort to pass unconstitutional measures. These measures are often aimed at disarming The People. We also recognize that it is of our own inaction and apathy that enable others to succeed in their efforts. It is our duty as American Citizens to hold our representatives accountable for passing this legislation. It’s time to act.

    If you would like to help American Citizens Defense reach more people and effect change, please Contribute to The American Citizens Defense.

    If you'd like to participate in future Calls to Action, please Sign Up for Free.


    Mark Stone
    American Citizens Defense



    • I oppose any gun control laws other then criminal background checks ……

      Daniel cromwell
    • Everyone of these three senate bills are aimed at a shear attack on our 2A rights as well as a viral infection to the entire Constitution. The same one that secured God given rights for the patriots that fought, bled and died to secure against the British tyranny’s reach, is the same one we will have to protect today. This country has always been great but with issues. I also served my country a half century ago. I heard back then communism would follow us home in about 50 years. Here we are. Fighting socialism, PLANdemic’s, racial rights, and every other thing they can use against its citizens and constituent’s to divide and conquer. Enough has got to be enough already. They have wasted millions of dollars trying to take these rights away, as we have wasted millions of dollars being forced to secure these free God given rights.

      Why can’t some referendum or ratification be voted into law that would make attempting to change any constitutional rights a sever penalty?

      Larry Cronin
    • Go Ahead Pass Any Un-Constitutional Laws the Lunatic Liberal Leftists Can Dream Up, The 2nd Amendment is the Only Law “WE THE PEOPLE” Will Ever Follow ! Lord Inslee Stepped on the Bees Nest this time.

      Stun Gunner
    • I oppose any and all bills, that restrict any and all forms of firearms. It is a right of the people to own and bear arms. These rights are ours and the state and federal governments should have no right to restrict them.

      Kristina L Keller
    • You might also want to note and expand the education / intelligence of other citizens in Washington State (other than me of course. LOL) that every one of these is not ONLY in direct offense of the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution BUT, our Washington State’s Constitution even further states in Article 1 Section 24, “SECTION 24 RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS. The right of the individual citizen to bear arms in defense of himself, or the state, shall not be impaired, but nothing in this section shall be construed as authorizing individuals or corporations to organize, maintain or employ an armed body of men.”
      Now, I wish to call very special attention to the part, “SHALL NOT BE IMPAIRED!” Now think very carefully about how the law defines “Impaired” and you will begin to under stand that EVERY gun law on the books is illegal / Unconstitutional and by law null and void!!!!!!!
      And to prove that I am NOT making this up, follow this link and read it for yourself!!!!

      Dale McKenzie

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