BREAKING: MSNBC Producer Stalks Jury Bus

WATCH: Judge Schroeder: It is an extremely serious matter

On Thursday morning at 11:30AM central Judge Bruce Schroeder entered the courtroom in the Rittenhouse case. He sat to address the media about a matter that was brought to their attention.

The judge reported:

The Jury is under sequestration and is transported via bus, outfitted with blacked out or covered windows, to an unknown location. A person by the name of James J. Morrison, who claimed to be a producer at MSNBC, was instructed by his supervisor Irene Bayon (of MSNBC) to follow the bus. Morrison traveled approximately one block behind the bus. At one point, he reportedly even ran a red light.

Morrison was pulled over by authorities, where he admitted to following the bus at the direction of Irene Bayon.

Judge Schroeder described the incident as 'an extremely serious matter'. MSNBC has since been restricted from accessing the courtroom, presumably as a result of their conduct. 

This comes after many expressed grave concern over jury intimidation in the case against Derek Chauvin.

The video can be watched here:



Mark Stone
American Citizens Defense

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