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Support the American Citizens Defense

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We Need Your Help

Our nation was built upon a set of principles that value life, individual liberty, property, and the pursuit of happiness. These principles are outlined in the Bill of Rights and protected by a well-constructed distribution of power in the constitution.

Currently, we are witnessing an effort to deconstruct these values and instill division among the people; it is a movement aimed at destabilizing our nation and it is rapidly gaining momentum.

At American Citizens Defense, we recognize our duty as American citizens to preserve & defend the values protected by the constitution. While many people blindly follow the demands of modern-day authoritarians, we choose to fight it.

We choose courage over cowardice and hope you will do the same.

American Citizens Defense (ACD) is building a community of individuals who value the principles protected by the constitution and who share a fierce will to defend it. We need your help to expand our reach and develop this project.

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What Will My Contribution be Used for?

Contributions are used for the following purposes:

  • Outreach: Our message is often suppressed by social media platforms. Contributions help to reach more individuals and gather support. 
  • Collective Action: To coordinate and carry out collective action such as petitions, rallies, and calls to action.
  • Educational Material: We are developing a platform to deliver educational material aimed at helping you to understand the Constitution, Western Culture and values, American/World history, and other relevant material. This will serve as a foundation for making informed decisions and understanding the values outlined in the US Constitution.
  • Additional Objectives
    • Program Development
      • Petition Program
      • Community Social Platform
      • Written Contributions
      • Volunteerism and Charity
Want to know more about ACD?
See our Mission

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