American Citizens Defense is committed to operating with transparency. Our engagements, objectives, and values are outlined below.


We believe that prioritizing the right to life, individual liberty, property, and the pursuit of happiness has created one of the strongest and most prosperous nations in history. We know that protecting these rights are essential to our continued prosperity.

We founded American Citizens Defense because we value these guiding principles and understand our obligation to defend them.

Our first objective is to promote learning and education on topics such as the Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights, the United States Constitution, American History, and the original vision of the Founding Fathers.

Our second objective is to build a community of individuals who share our values; a community who actively participate in organized petitions, rallies, elections, and contacting their representatives.

Our third objective is to provide a platform for the community to contribute to the conversation via a social media platform and Community Contributions.  

The US Constitution

United States Constitution

Our nation was established upon a set of principles that value life, individual liberty, property, and the pursuit of happiness. These guiding principles and enumerated rights are not platitudes, nor are they derived from any particular government. Rather, they are universal and fundamental conferred by God, nature and reason. Thomas Jefferson wrote "...that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights..." affirming America's foundation in natural law. As the first and only nation to be founded on natural law, the U.S. Constitution enumerates powers for the federal government derived to it from the consent of the governed. Additionally, the U.S. Constitution preserves and protects the people and the enjoyment of natural rights which predated its convention and ratification. Our Constitution is the culmination of the best reasoning of men of all time. As such, it serves as the world's longest surviving and active codified constitution. The guiding principles therein have provided Americans with the most protected individual rights, whilst guaranteeing more freedom, than any people throughout history. We should commit to learning and understanding our Constitution's bases in natural law. We should commit to practicing the responsibilities which it requires. And we should protect and defend our Constitution, Liberty, and the American way of life. "Liberty must at all hazards be supported. We have a right to it, derived from our Maker. But if we had not, our fathers have earned and bought it for us, and the expense of their ease, their estates, their pleasure, and their blood." John Adams


We’re building a community of individuals who value the principles protected by the constitution and who will participate in organized petitions, rallies, elections, and contacting their representatives.

Member Contributions is designed to provide a voice to our members. We promote content that encourages critical-thinking, patriotism, historical education, self-discipline, and general self improvement.

Contributions from individuals who present well-balanced, competent positions and who exhibit courage in their decisions and in their actions are welcome.

At this time, all are welcome to submit content. However, contributions are thoroughly reviewed and must be approved before publishing. See our Community Standards

Cultural Marxism

Marxist ideology that has long been rejected by society is no longer a product of only the radical left activists. The ideology is being adopted and promoted by politicians, major media outlets, the education system, and an alarming number of major corporations. What began as a subtle, covert sympathy for the ideology is growing into an overt communist movement.

Rational opposition to this ideology is often met with censorship by social media platforms and retaliatory action by its users. When this behavior garnered enough attention, users began migrating to an alternative platform (Parlor). At the snap of their fingers, three technology giants snapped Parlor out of existence.

This dangerous combination of propaganda and censorship along with an effort to divide society into classes mirror that of historical Marxist revolutions.

We recognize the direction that our nation is heading and are prepared to defend our nation from a Marxist Revolution. 


We're committed to operating this organization with transparency. Maintaining an open platform not only builds trust in the community, but ensures that we remain accountable for our actions.

We engage in the following:

  • Publish resources and educational material centered on American History, Politics, and the Constitution.
  • Provide a social platform for community members to communicate openly in the ACD Community.
  • Receive, edit, publish, and promote written contributions from the community in Community Contributions.
  • Engage in retail sales for profit
  • We seek support from the community via Paid Subscriptions to further expand this project.
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