YELM EVENT: Unmask Our Children


Pushback is growing against the mask and vaccine mandates across the west. With the Canadian trucker movement proving to be a resounding success, Americans are taking to the streets in kind. 

But even as the CDC scales back on quarantine guidelines and Dr. Fauci himself announces that the COVID-19 pandemic is nearing its end, many of the mask mandates are still in effect. This leaves many people wondering why?

Parents In Yelm, Washington are particularly disturbed by the masking requirements imposed on their children (who are at considerably less risk of death or severe illness due to COVID-19). Concern over the impact that masks have on their physical and mental well-being have prompted parents to push back against these requirements. On Tuesday February 15th at 11:00AM in front of the Yelm Extension School, community members will gather to protest the masking requirements in Yelm schools. A Facebook event has been created called Unmask Our Children Yelm which aims to apply pressure on superintendent Brian Wharton to discontinue enforcement of the mask requirements.


One concern people have over masking children throughout the school-day is the impact it has on development and social interactions. A recent Israeli study found that children are having difficulty recognizing faces that are covered by masks. The senior author of the study, Professor Erez Freud says, “If holistic processing is impaired and recognition is impaired, there is a possibility it could impair children’s ability to navigate through social interactions with their peers and teachers, and this could lead to issues forming important relationships.” 

Yelm residents are able to convey their opposition to the school district by contacting the office of Brian Wharton via his executive assistant, Debbie Stillwell, at 360-458-6139.


Mark Stone
American Citizens Defense

Statement of Transparency: Some signs and custom apparel are being provided by American Citizens Defense. American Citizens Defense is not the organizer of this event, nor does it condone, promote, or support any unlawful activity that may occur during one of these events.  If you are an organizer of an event and need support, you may contact us at We will evaluate your cause and determine whether support can be provided.

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