Mayfield, KY Destroyed by Tornados

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WLKY with Red Cross

We are Relevant Church Center

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"American Flags can be seen throughout the neighborhoods - torn and shredded. Not a single Flag lie on the ground. Amidst all the chaos and destructions, flags waved on vehicles or at half-staff." 
- Anonymous patriot volunteering support in Mayfield


It was a long night for residents of western Tennessee and Kentucky as approximately 32 tornados ripped through the states. The unforgiving weather systems formed near Memphis Tennessee and traveled north east at speeds of up to 60 MPH. Residents had little time to no time flee the area.

Many in Clarksville, TN, populated with over 160,000 people, stayed up into the early morning hours watching local emergency weather broadcasts intently. Tornados came dangerously close, passing just north of the town. 

Residents of Mayfield, KY and the surrounding area were not as fortunate. Live Storms Media captured a number of aerial drone shots and published them to their Youtube channel (shared below). This footage captures the absolute devastation caused by the tornados.

Governor Andy Beshear of Kentucky spoke this morning about the devastation to the towns in the path of the tornados. A candle factory in Mayfield was flattened by one of the tornados, resulting in what Governor Beshear described as a "Mass-Casualty Event."

MSNBC shares some footage of the event where we can hear a woman trapped in the factory:

"Okay, I don't know who's watching. We got hit by a Hurricane. I'm at work in Mayfield. And we are trapped. Please, Y'all, get us some help. We're at the Candle Factory in Mayfield."

Another woman is heard in the background yelling in what sounds like a distressed state.

Take Action: Contribute directly to our Mayfield Relief Effort

Rescuers spent the early morning hours removing debris and searching for survivors. At least 70 are suspected dead. 

American Citizens Defense has established direct trusted contacts in the Mayfield area to carry out relief efforts over the pursuing days. A Relief Fund  


Photos courtesy of Sherri Arias




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American Citizens Defense


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