Origins of the Gonzales Battle Flag

The Gonzales Battle Flag, one of the great symbols of American pride and the unyielding spirit of the American people. This flag, also known as the "Come and Take It" flag, has a rich history that stretches back to the earliest days of the American Republic.

The story of the Gonzalez Battle Flag begins in the fall of 1835, in the small town of Gonzales, Texas. At the time, Texas was a part of Mexico. The Mexican government loaned a small cannon to the colonists for protection against the Comanche Tribe, who had been carrying savage raids against the settlers. 


However, tensions were running high between the Mexican government and the Texan settlers. The Mexican government wanted their cannon back. As for the colonists, well, let's just say they weren't going to give it up so easily.

On September 27, 1835, a hundred men, led by Mexican Lieutenant  Francisco de Castañeda, were deployed to Gonzales with the intension of taking back their cannon. But the settlers of Gonzales were not willing to give up their cannon without a fight. On October 2nd, 1835, they raised a flag bearing a lone star and the words "COME AND TAKE IT."


The flag was made from a piece of brown cotton cloth and a strip of red flannel, and it quickly became a symbol of the Texans' resistance to Mexican rule.

The Mexican army returned a few days later, but the Texans were ready for them. They used the cannon to repel the Mexican soldiers, and the Battle of Gonzales marked the beginning of the Texas Revolution.

The Gonzales Battle Flag became a rallying cry for the Texans, and it was flown at every major battle of the revolution, including the Battle of the Alamo.


The symbolism of the Gonzales Battle Flag is powerful and inspiring. It represents the unyielding spirit of the American people, who refuse to be intimidated or subjugated by any power. The flag is a reminder that we are a nation of rebels and pioneers, who have always been willing to fight for our freedom and our way of life.

As we look back on the history of the Gonzales Battle Flag, we are reminded of the bravery and determination of the American people. We are inspired to carry on their legacy and to continue fighting for the values that have made this country great.


Mark Stone
American Citizens Defense

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