WATCH: Deflection and Derailment; Governor Inslee Refuses to Give Up Emergency Powers

In a not-so-surprising display of deflection and blame, Governor Jay Inslee of Washington State refused to relinquish his emergency powers afforded to him under Washington’s State of Emergency.

When challenged by a reporter about ending the state of emergency, Governor Inslee appeared to stumble through his response, derailing into a slew of off-topic accusations against republicans. 


Without providing any statistical figures, Inslee attempts to justify a continuation of the state of emergency with statements such as “the numbers are the numbers…”

Inslee quickly pivots to accusations that Republicans “only wish to follow Donald Trump.” It is unclear how this statement relates to the topic, but many feel it is merely an effort to avoid the question at hand by using buzzwords that ring to Inslee’s voter base.


Inslee continues in reference to Donald Trump, “…then he told us you can take horse-deworming products,” a claim that is not only falsely attributed to Trump but is a severe mischaracterization of events involving medications prescribed to Joe Rogan by his doctor.

Inslee takes another unexpected turn, indicating that the public would not be able to wear a mask if the State of Emergency ends. “Republicans don’t care about employees who want to wear their masks. I do. Because a lot of people in this state are still going to want to protect themselves by wearing a mask.” Inslee continues, “We respect working people, sometimes they don’t. So I am standing up for working people’s ability to wear a mask.”

Inslee has not held himself back from displaying his contempt toward opposing views. His comments coincide with his actions early on in the Covid-19 pandemic, where Inslee decreed that all state employees must receive the Covid-19 vaccine, leaving little room for exception. This resulted in a widescale purging of state employees who refused to comply with the edict.

Jay Inslee concludes by commenting that Washington will stop receiving federal financial aid if the State of Emergency ends.


Mark Stone
American Citizens Defense

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