Community Standards

American Citizens Defense aims to promote engaging, thoughtful, and liberty-oriented content. 
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2021

A Statement on Regulating Content:

Many of us have experienced some form of suppression from social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube. This may come in the form of 'de-boosting' whereby your message reaches little to no people. This may also surface as a 'fact-check'. In some cases, it results in outright ban or removal. 

These platforms may certainly have a right to remove content that violates its policy. However, we find that this policy is applied disproportionately. These platforms are known to suppress content that that does not align with the ideology of the far-left. This results in a purging of opposing views. 

Our goal is to provide an open platform where users can exchange their ideas without the disproportionate application of policy discussed above. In order to keep this platform free from disturbing or grotesque content, we have outlined our policies below. 

These Community Standards aim to achieve the following:

  1. Respect the right of the community members to practice their freedom of speech
  2. Provide a platform to community members to voice their opinion, gather support, or schedule events & rallies
  3. Preserve the integrity of the organization and it's values
  4. Prevent harm, threat of harm, or obscene material from being published on this website

Community Conduct

We'll do our best to promote positive content on this platform. While we encourage content that presents well-balanced and competent positions, you should expect to encounter unsavory content from time to time. This is the internet; expect a wide-variety of content from intellectual conversations to unwelcomed behaviors. 

Here are some helpful considerations to create a positive environment:

  • Ignore the Trolls: The most prevalent tactic used by internet trolls today is make statements designed to evoke a negative reaction from the opposing side. Negative reactions and responses are exactly what promote this behavior. Instead, keep scrolling and do not engage. And remember, you too can be a troll and not even realize it.
  • Welcome the opposition: If someone contributes an article, comment, or post with an opposing view, you are encouraged to respond with a well-articulated response. 
  • Control your emotions: Much of the content we expect to see revolves around politics. Politics often include hot-button topics and can lead to uncomfortable conversations. Keep your emotions in check and respond with facts.
  • Substantiate up your claims: If you post material that makes a claim, include a source to where you gathered this information. Be clear and concise in your positions. Try not to exaggerate.

ACD Community Social Media Platform

ACD Community:

The following conduct will result in a ban of your profile. If you are a monthly contributor/subscriber, the following conduct will also result in the cancellation of your recurring contributions:
  • Threat of harm or death to yourself or another person
  • Pornographic content or content with nudity
  • Doxing (Publishing information about another person that is typically considered private or personal, such as address, email address, phone number, or place of work)
  • Abuse of this platform with Spam or self-serving marketing material

    Member Contributions

    Written Contribution Guidelines:

    Written Contributions are designed to give a voice to the American Citizens Defense members. We publish content that promotes the values outlined in the constitution. We may also publish oppositional material to promote engagement and conversation.

    Eligible submissions are reviewed by our staff. If approved, the content will be published to the Member Contributions page. This content may be shared on social media or through other marketing avenues. We also provide the option to contributors to pay for additional exposure to their content.

    Before submitting your content, please review the requirements below:

    • Sign Up for an Account: This is required.
    • Original Content: We only accept original written content submitted by the author or by a legally authorized representative.
    • Minimum Length: Written contributions must be at least 250 words.
    • Contributions should present a balanced, well-rounded, and unbiased appraisal of a particular topic.
    • Content that is deemed as profane or obscene with no educational benefit will not be approved.
    • Advertisements for a service, brand, product, or self-serving promotional content is prohibited unless authorized by American Citizens Defense.
    • Contributions must adhere to the Community Standards
    • Edits by American Citizens Defense:
      • If your content is approved as is, we will notify you of the approval and publish your content.
      • We may apply editorial corrections to grammar and punctuation prior to publishing your content without notifying you. By submitting your written content, you authorize American Citizens Defense to make such edits to your written content and publish without notice.
      • If we determine that the edits impact the context of your content, we will request that you resubmit your contribution with the suggested edits.
    • Paid Promotion: American Citizens Defense has reached tens of millions of people on Facebook. You may have an opportunity to get your message out to a large number of people.
      • If you are interested in paying to promote your content, please check the corresponding checkbox in the Contribution Submissions page.
      • If your article is approved, we will contact you at the email address you provide with additional information.
      • Social Media: Paid promotion of your content is currently only offered via the American Citizens Defense Facebook page.
        • Content and promotions are subject to Facebook's advertising policies.
        • American Citizens Defense will not promote content that we determine does not promote the values of the organization. Additionally, we will not promote content deemed as profane, grotesque, or obscene.
        • Set Up Fee: Our fee is 25% of the amount you elect to pay.
          • Example: If you elect to pay $100.00 to promote your content, $75.00 will be applied to the paid promotions on Facebook. $25.00 will be kept as a fee for advertisement set up.
          • Minimum Set Up Fee is $10.00
          • All payments for this service are nonrefundable.
        • Reach: The number of people that are reached, the number of engagements, and the number of comments vary greatly and depend on the content that is being promoted. Content that is captivating may generate significantly more reach than a topic that few people are interested in. Due to the unpredictable nature of user-engagement, we cannot guarantee results. However, we will provide you with the total number of  people reached, links clicked, and other available material at the end of the promotional period.
        • We reserve the right to deny paid promotion of any article, even if it has been approved for publishing in Community Contributions. 
        • You may submit an article on a topic other than the below. However are primarily seeking contributions on the following topics:
          • What is the Tytler Cycle and What Can We Learn from it?
          • Systems of Government
          • American Revolution
          • United States Constitution
            • Declaration of Independence
            • Bill of Rights
            • Ratification
          • American Civil War
            • Events that Lead to the Civil War
            • Slavery
          • US Government:
            • Executive Branch
            • Judicial Branch
            • Legislative Branch
          • Representation
            • Congress: House and Senate
            • Local & State Representatives: State Legislature
          • Voting & Elections
            • Electoral College
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