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 We need your support to grow this community and to fortify it. 

American Civilian Defense has received tremendous support from our social media following. This is clearly a movement that The People have been waiting for. However, we face a significant risk of being censored by the biased technology giants.

We humbly ask for your support to grow this community and gain independence from Big Tech. 
American Civilian Defense (ACD) is building a community of individuals who share a fierce will to defend the constitution.
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    • Discuss, debate, and collaborate with each other about current events
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    These awesome American Civilian Defense patches are made by us here in the United States of America. Become a contributor to this project and choose a free embroidered patch as a gift. 

    American Civilian Defense Apparel (facilitated by Printful) is a great way to support this project. 

    Want to know more about ACD?

    What Drives this Project?

    Marxist ideology that has long been rejected by society is no longer a product of only the radical leftist activists. The ideology is being adopted and promoted by politicians, major media outlets, the education system, and an alarming number of major corporations. What began as a subtle, covert sympathy for the ideology is growing into an overt communist movement.

    Rational opposition to this ideology is often met with censorship by social media platforms and retaliatory action by its users. When this behavior garnered enough attention, users began migrating to an alternative platform (Parlor). At the snap of their fingers, three technology giants snapped Parlor out of existence.

    This dangerous combination of propaganda and censorship along with an effort to divide society into classes mirror that of historical Marxist revolutions. 

    We recognize the direction that our nation is heading and are prepared to defend ourselves against a Marxist Revolution. 

    Building a Community

    We want to build a community of individuals who respect individual liberties and provide a platform to discuss, debate, and share your thoughts. 

    We encourage our members to collaborate, coordinate rallies and liberty oriented events.

    We seek individuals who present well-balanced, competent positions and who exhibit courage in their decisions. 

    Promoting Courage over cowardice

    These two words are used frequently throughout the organization. These two fundamental concepts are at the heart of many of the issues we face today.

    What do you mean by 'Civilian Defense'?

    A well-balanced community who share the fundamental 


    We recognize the importance of transparency 

    Protecting your privacy

    ACD utilizes third party apps to host its forums and membership profile. If a third party affiliation becomes the subject of a data breach, asset seizure, or subpoena, the contents of the forum may be exposed. 

    Therefore, we strong encourage our members to adhere to our Community Guidelines and use caution when posting content.

    The content you publish, including your name, username, location, and other personally identifiable information may put you at risk. 

    If you publish material that violates our Community Guidelines, the content will be removed and your account may be restricted.

    Use a VPN and TOR browser when possible. Do not post any personally identifiable information about yourself or anyone else.

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