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Before submitting a written piece, be sure to review the Contribution Guidelines and Community Standards.

What topics are currently being accepted?

Breaking News
Critical Race Theory
American and World History
Marxism & Communism
Bill of Rights & Constitution
Founding Documents
Other Related Topics

Will my contribution be published?

Submissions will be reviewed by ACD staff. We look at a number of factors, including the topic, quality of content, spelling and grammar, and relevancy. If your contribution is approved, we will publish the contribution to Podium.

Contributions may also be promoted via paid promotion at our discretion.

Will I retain the Rights to my Contribution

The content you submit will be credited to the author name you provide, whether it is your real name or a pen name. However, by submitting your content, you are providing consent to American Citizens Defense to modify, publish, and promote the content you submit at our discretion.

Can I promote my contribution?

Yes. If approved, you may be able to promote your content via paid advertising. This may increase the exposure of your contribution.

*Conditions Apply

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